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April 29, 2020

This month marked a new Fake Client Project to show you all! I decided to create a Florist Brand and Website as I had found some gorgeous Unsplash photos that I was dying to try out.

Meet Lupin & Lane, a contemporary boutique florist.

Step 1-2: Brand Discovery Mood Board

For this particular project, I had already decided to do a floral business, so didn’t require an in-depth discovery phase.

Via my Instagram @madisonrammdesign

Step 3: Florist Logo

I decided to delve into the logo creating phase a little bit more and add some extra little bits. If you are paying to get your branding done, it’s worth the extra money to pay out for an actual branding suite. In the very least you should get:

  • Colour Palette
  • Main Logo
  • Main Logo in different Colours
  • Submark/Favicon
  • Fonts

I created a few quick pattern mockups for this brand. I envisioned them on branded stationery, printed onto brown paper to wrap up flowers, or as social media graphics.

Recognition is extremely important when it comes to branding (think: McDonald’s colours). Having a cohesive look and feel throughout your branding, social media and collateral will take your business to the next level. You want people to recognise your brand without even having to see the logo.

A good example I can think of is Boost Juice in Australia. I swear I can spot those green cups a mile off. And you bet I will be craving a Banana Buzz for days.

Step 4: Florist Website Homepage

This branded patterns and logo variations played a big part in tieing this website together.

Modern Contemporary Florist Website

The Finished Product…

You guys loved it! It also inspired one of my current clients so much that we are working on incorporating a lot of the pretty design elements into her new site.

You can check out more of my client work here

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