A Week in Copenhagen and Amsterdam

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March 5, 2020

In the start of February, I spent a week exploring Amsterdam and Copenhagen in a short weekend holiday with my partner.

We wanted to take advantage of our close proximity to Europe before it was time to head home in a couple of months time.

Due to the short nature of the trip, it meant that I would be spending most of my time exploring and away from work.

I always find it really hard to spend time away as I am a self-confessed workaholic and love my job. I was feeling very stressed with upcoming website launches while I was away but managed to get the work done before we left.


Day 1

London to Copenhagen

Our flight departed in the afternoon from Heathrow. My and Joe went to one of the Weatherspoons pubs inside to grab some food as our flight would be arriving late into Copenhagen. I tried a vegan burger with chips. I would rate it a 5/10, but a solid effort for a vegan burger.

Once we arrived in Copenhagen, we grabbed a local taxi and headed to our accommodation at Steel House Copenhagen. The hostel is one of the best I have ever stayed in and was really central for us to explore.

Day 2

First thing in the morning we walked to Espresso House coffee shop and tried some pastries. I also ordered a chai latte which was delicious. There is literally an Espresso House on every corner so make sure to check them out!


We headed back to the hostel for 10:00 for one of the ‘Free walking tours’ which was great. I always love a free walking tour to see a city quickly and get recommendations. If you have never done one, unlike the name suggests, the tours usually ask for a tip, so not quite free – but still very affordable. I have done free walking tours in lots of cities and they are one of my favourite things to do in a new place.

During the tour, we visited a lot of the old city parts that weren’t destroyed by fire, the royal palace and my favourite, Nyhaven. We had planned to visit the little mermaid afterwards as well but as the rain set in, we were absolutely freezing so last-minute changed our minds and went home to change.

In the evening we walked down to the Tivoli food hall where we both purchased yummy burrito bowls. They were insanely expensive, and although I loved Copenhagen, I was thankful we were leaving the next day.


Day 3

Wanting to make the most of our remaining time, we rented bicycles from our hostel and rode to the incredibly photogenic Superkilen Park. We spent some time exploring and taking some photos here before heading back. Riding a bike in Copenhagen was a very interesting experience, to say the least! It is definitely not for the faint-hearted but we were glad to have tried it in Copenhagen rather than Amsterdam.

By the time we got back, it was nearly time to head to the airport for our flight to Amsterdam.

Copenhagen Superkilen


We finished off the day by checking into our room in Amsterdam and taking a wander around the streets and red-light district. We stayed in Central Rooms here in Amsterdam which was very clean and nice but more like an Airbnb rather than a hostel.

Tonight we visited a lovely Italian restaurant and I had some delicious Pizza. Afterwards, we headed to a Cafe and I tried a weed brownie as I’m not of a smoker.


Day 4

After missing out on same-day tickets to Anne Frank house, we started the day with some crepes in the cafe next door to where we were staying. We then headed out for a wander, walking up to the central station, purchasing travel tickets and heading to the museum district.

From here, we decided to visit the AFC Ajax stadium. I am not a massive fan of football/soccer but Joe really enjoyed himself! Afterwards, we did a bit more wandering before heading to the central station again to meet one of Joe’s mates who lived in Amsterdam.

Tonight I was excited to try some of the delicious waffles that I had been seeing everywhere.


Day 5

This morning I attempted again to purchase tickets for Anne Frank House but unfortunately missed out again. Feeling bummed, we grabbed a late pub brekky and headed to a Windmill brewery. We were a little early but the pub was very cool and Joe got a beer tasting platter.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Afterwards, wanting to keep things pretty cheap and casual, we opted to check out a local supermarket and grabbed some goods for a fun little picnic in our hotel room. We bought salami, cheese, chips/crisps, biscuits, and my favourite, Stroopwafels.

Later that night we decided to wrap up and head out for the last time to a canal boat cruise. We heard mixed reviews about the cruises but decided to go anyway. We thought it was a nice end to our trip and later finished the night with some Italian pasta.

Day 6

Finally, it was time to head home. We had an early flight so grabbed some food at the airport. I slept pretty much the entire flight but woke up within the last 15 mins for some epic views of London City as we flew over.


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