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May 27, 2020

Logo for a sustainable copywriting studio by Madison Ramm

In April I launched a new brand and Copywriter Website for Cat McLean Copy Studio

Discovery and Branding

Cat came to me to collaborate on a brand and website after experiencing growth in her business and not having a legit website to send people to. Throughout our discovery process, we dove into her target audience and even helped her realise the kinds of businesses she was most passionate about working with.


Mood Board

We decided to look at a very minimalistic vibe that was down-to-earth and a bit sarcastic.

Since she is a copywriter, we were able to start with the copy first, which put a big emphasis on the phrase ‘stand out like a desert rose’.

That formed a big part of her branding, and we really played on that desert vibe when making her logo

Mood Board for a sustainable copywriting business



Here are three of the different directions of the Main Logo:

Each design is quite minimal, looking at variations of the ‘desert rose’ phrase that cat uses on her website.

While the first two really focus on the flower aspect, the final version looks more towards the desert part and highlights the location independence of her business and love to travel.


Final Logo

Cat McLean Copy Studio Logo by Madison Ramm Design


When getting your branding done professionally, it is key to ensure that you receive more than just a logo – but a whole branding suite that is responsive to different sizes, situations. A few things that should be included in your branding at a minimum should be

  • Main Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Submark
  • Favicon

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Each file should be delivered as a JPG and PNG and made in both black and white as a minimum. Bonus if you can also get them made in each of your brand colours!

Branding for conscious copywriter, Cat McLean



After the branding was completed, we advanced to the next stage in the project – the website. Cat already had her copy written out in a Google Doc – it was just up to me to then structure it with user experience in mind, so that it made sense and was easy to read.It’s important to start with the copy and content prior to designing as it makes designing pages easier. It’s the key to building a site that converts visitors into customers.

I began by building out the website homepage wireframes before moving them into Showit.  The first designs were quite colour filled but after a few revisions, we decided to pair it back to highlight the copy itself. The final website is very clean and easy to navigate from a UX standpoint.

Check out my favourite feature of the website: The lovely, clean menu!

Copywriter Showit Website

You can check out the live version of the site here:

Cat McLean Copy Studio Website

Showit Website Home Page



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