Why I love using Showit to Design Client Websites

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February 24, 2020

There are a million and one website designing platforms available for small freelancers and small businesses. From WordPress to Squarespace, Weebly and Webflow – it’s a minefield for small business owners.

During the early stages of me designing, I felt like I had tried them all, but none really made sense for the type of design and experience I wanted to give my clients.

While some were easier to use on a client perspective, they were pains in the butts when it came to plugins and integrations. Others broke too easily to even consider it.

That was until I found Showit.

What was difficult on other platforms, was refreshingly easy on Showit and there seemed to always be workarounds for most problems I encountered.

I’m not just talking about photography websites either, I actually use Showit for the majority of my website projects.

From florists to accountants, I believe Showit outperforms so many big website builders and can suit so many small businesses.

Keep reading to find out why.

The Showit dash is easy to use

Showit doesn’t have a steep learning curve compared to other website platforms. I honestly will say that when I was learning Squarespace, I found it so difficult to find things! Plus, working with blocks was so frustrating! I think I spend three times as long just trying to get the blocks to behave how I wanted!

Mobile-first design approach 

It’s expected that well over 50% of website sales will come from a mobile device in 2020. With Google cracking down on websites that aren’t optimised for mobile, it’s more important than ever to have your website optimised for mobile consumption.

Showit allows you to edit both the mobile and the desktop website separately. This means that your mobile website and desktop website can be designed completely independently. Minimise endless scrolling and keep your viewers engaged with a mobile-first design approach.

Showit Mobile Website Design

It’s super fast

As a platform initially built for photographers, Showit is fast.

The platform does a really good job of displaying your content and loading pages quickly which is a key factor Google uses when determining your site ranking.

I personally love that Showit gives the choice you separately have a video background on your desktop and an image background on the mobile version! It’s little things like that that make a difference!

SEO Capabilities

Showit allows you to edit the SEO settings on each page of your website and add image Alt tags easily.

Additionally, for those on a blogging tier, you can download the ‘SEO by Yoast’ plugin which can help you optimise your content so that it is easy to read for search engines.

All-included website hosting

I love that the platform is all-inclusive! You just pay for your domain and the rest is all included in your membership. When you consider the prices of secure hosting, maintenance for updates, and more – it’s well worth it in my opinion!

It won’t break easily

Not building directly on WordPress means that you don’t have to worry about updating your plugins to avoid the whole website crashing.

Since everything is included, you don’t have to worry about updating or the possibility of breaking the website (maybe just a link or two).

Works well with other platforms. 

Showit integrates SO WELL. The platform knows how to play with others which makes integrating with other platforms and software a possibility.

This means the possibility to integrate eCommerce ‘Purchase now’ buttons, Instagram feeds, mailing list opt-ins, complex lead capture forms and client portals all on your own site! Amazing!

Ideal for designers

Showit is ideal for designers who are finding more well-known platforms boring and dated to work from.

The team behind the company make creating websites in your own account and sharing them – SUPER – easy. They also allow you to create preview links which you can share with your clients throughout. You wouldn’t think this is a big deal, but the fact that I’m mentioning it means that some platforms still don’t have an option to do this on their basic level.

Good support team

Showit’s support team is super friendly and try their best to help you whenever they can! How good is that!?

Design possibilities are endless

Man, designing on Showit has been a breath of fresh air.

In the short time I have been designing on here, it has made me become a better designer by challenging what is possible. The possibilities with a Showit website, creativity and a bit of imagination and nearly endless.

After designing on other platforms for quite a while, I found that design had become boring. All the websites looked pretty much the same. There were limitations with spacing and blocks and I spent so much time messing around with blocks than I care to admit. Walking into Showit and using their true drag and drop was a breath of fresh air. A-ma-zing. 

If that list isn’t enough to make you seriously consider Showit, I don’t know what will!

Are there any reasons you think I forgot?

If you are a freelancer or small business owner, maybe it is time that you really consider the options when it comes to picking a website platform!

I think Showit is a great place for all freelancers to start, but if you have any questions, or want to know if it’s for you, send me a message! I would love to chat and make any suggestions for your business that I can!

 Showit Website Design
 Showit Website Design
Why I recommend Showit websites to Freelancers
Why I love using Showit to Design Client Websites

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