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Create more backlinks on your website

6 non-sleazy ways to create more Backlinks to your website


SEO is hard but luckily for us, there are still ways that we can create more backlinks that don’t involve spamming comments with your URL

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FREE Blogging for Business Workbook

Blogging for small businesses


While the blogging industry has clearly changed; I’m here to tell you that blogging isn’t dead. In fact, blogging for your business is very much alive…

6 Reasons to start blogging for your business


Showit SEO

Showit SEO on-page settings


One of the questions I often get asked is “Is Showit good for SEO?”. In my opinion, yes, Showit is excellent at SEO. Today I discuss on-page SEO settings…

A term you will hear very often when discussing your websites Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is keywords, but what exactly are they? And why are they so important when it comes to building your website?

How to Research the right keywords for SEO

keywords for SEO


Otherwise known as: What the heck is SEO? And how does it apply to me and my small business? SEO has been a trending topic for the past few years but I found that it was still a super confusing concept for so many small business owners I talked to.

seo basics

What is SEO? – SEO Basics for small business owners


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